Replica Konstantin-Chaykin watches how much is it

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Replica Konstantin-Chaykin watches how much is it

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More details: this quotation information was collected on August 25, 2019, and the price of wristwatch / stock is subject to change at any time. Please pay attention to the shop details for the final price.

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The dense bottom process design improves the waterproof performance of the watch and can better protect the movement safety. Equipped with 2824 automatic upper chain movement, it has a waterproof depth of 150 meters and a power reserve of 38 hours.

Replica Zenith watches how much is it

[market situation] in recent years, the popularity of diving wristwatches has only increased, no doubt because its performance, style and other watches at the same price are more powerful and beautiful. This year, Omegas new seahorse 300 meter diving wristwatch is just like this. Once the news came out, it attracted the attention of many watch friends. Today, we visited the Omega Flagship Store in Beijing Oriental Plaza. In this shop with rich styles and thoughtful service, we saw Omega seahorse series 300 meter diving wristwatch. Lets take a look at this watch:

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