Replica Bvlgari watches how much is it

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Replica Bvlgari watches how much is it

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Summary: in addition, precious metals are available for selection. The 37mm setting allows many watch pals with relatively thin wrists to control. Of course, this wristwatch is only suitable for women due to the limitation of red strap. If you like the bertofigno watch 37, you may as well move to the shop and choose one. (photo / Jing Nan, history and Literature)

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The new Maltese Tourbillon wristwatch is made of 18k5n pink gold material. Its surface is polished, delicate and soft. It has a certain amount of upper hand and is full of materials. Of course, its hard to get a high price of 1.2 million just for a precious metal case and a tourbillon wheel, which is basically equivalent to a luxury car and a two bedroom set in a second tier city. Obviously, in the same level of watches, this is also a high-tech watch. In addition to the matching barrel shaped Tourbillon movement developed by the brand, a large number of manual processes are also used to make, polish and assemble the tourbillon, especially the tourbillon device. The traditional technology is used to show the decorative beauty of the top. The Maltese Tourbillon frame takes into account both performance and visual effect during operation. The complex structure is concentrated in a core size of only 27.37 x 29.30 mm. A large number of manual processes are used only to meet the standard of top watches, so that the core can meet the Geneva mark quality certification.

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[market situation] as one of the most popular timepieces of IWC, Portuguese timekeeper (Portuguese timekeeper) is loved by many watch friends for its high appearance and thin thickness. The panel design is simple and exquisite, coupled with the timing function of full recognition, giving a sense of brightness in front of your eyes. Recently, when we visited the IWC Wangfu Zhonghuan exclusive store in Beijing, we saw a Portuguese meter with red gold and white plate money, which is different from the blue plate introduced before. This watch shows the classic elegance and low-key luxury. Now, lets take a look: (wristwatch model: iw371480)

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