Replica Richard Mille watches comment

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Replica Richard Mille watches comment

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The matte dial has a matte texture. Compared with the smooth sun glow texture, it can reduce interference under strong light when reading, and the dial is more concise and clear. The three-dimensional square scale inlaid on the dial, with the inner night light coating, can emit light at night, making it easy to read the time, while its three-dimensional sense enhances the luxury sense of the watch.

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Baoji marine navigation series 5887 Tourbillon time equation wristwatch integrates three functions of tourbillon, time equation and perpetual calendar. This excellent and complex function wristwatch marks a new era of Baoji marine navigation series. We are familiar with the perpetual calendar, which can display date, week and month, and can automatically identify special year and month. It has strong practical function. Time equation display is a special and fascinating complex function, which can show the difference between the average solar time ("flat sun time") and the real solar time ("true sun time"). The 60 second Tourbillon adds more mechanical beauty to the wristwatch, and Baojis watchmaking skills are fully displayed in the rotation.

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In Chinas ancient culture, there is a saying that "carp leaps over the dragons gate" to express the best wishes for a prosperous future. Therefore, people often bless others with Koi, expressing the good hope of "auspiciousness and happiness". This is especially true of the lotus, a symbol of the gentleman. It is famous for its high purity and lack of fame and wealth. The brand draws two beautiful things together to add wrist taste to the wearer, and at the same time, it also has a good wish of "good luck with each other". On the ivory white "grand feu" bright fire enamel dial with full porcelain sense, the vivid lotus pond scene and the elegant Roman digital time division dial set off each other, making the micro drawing technology and the timepiece manufacturing integrate, showing the rich connotation of the wristwatch.

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