Replica Bell & Ross watches comment

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Replica Bell & Ross watches comment

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The reason why it is "simple" is that in the elements of the dial, it is not as complicated as the two previous watches. It is a watch with micro enamel painting. The dial draws a very meaningful picture of Koi playing in the lotus pond in China. There are three red Koi and two black Koi in the picture. The combination of red and black represents a kind of Yin-Yang interaction, among which red is auspicious The moral of Frey is very festive.

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The master of art series of Jiang shidanton is a rare series that is good at craftsmanship. In watchmaking, artistic creation can make the wristwatch full of spirit and also reflect the unique value of the wristwatch, which will always exist. Thanks to the brands original 2460 G4 movement, the Chinese Zodiac wristwatch of master of art Jiang shidanton can provide time information and leave a complete area for the dial to create art. From the early mask wristwatches, Alexander the Greats European wristwatches to the present zodiac and balloon wristwatches, all of them embody the infinite creation possibilities of the master of art series wristwatches.

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Summary: the new Bruner series wristwatch can combine many styles according to the different panel color, case material and strap type. It comes from the design of Albert concert hall and gives it a rigorous and stylish style. As autumn is not far away, if you want to plan for autumn, or catch up with the alternation of summer and autumn, Bruner is actually a very good choice. It is not so athletic, but it will not be dull. (picture / Wen Wangtao)

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