Replica Tag Heuer watches video

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Replica Tag Heuer watches video

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[market situation] good news for you, the limited edition of radar true series Zodiac 12 palaces has been launched. After a few days of gestation, the limited edition radar representing the zodiac constellation has been put on the shelves. Cant you wait for the constellation controller? Recently, when I visited the Dongfang Xintiandi radar store in Beijing, I found that the new constellation limited edition wrist watch was already on the list. Although the styles were almost the same, the 12 radar mounted watches with different personalities and different positions were full of the unique charm of the corresponding constellations. (public price of wristwatch: RMB 17000)

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On the magnificent 37 movements, the three-quarters plywood with German design style is classic and full of charm. The hollow automatic Tuo 21 K gold pendulum is engraved with the original logo pattern of grasoti, and the edges are chamfered and polished to present the best sensory enjoyment. It supports multiple complex functions and has 70 hours of power storage.

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"Special edition" is engraved on the back of the watch to show the special significance of the brand. All three wristwatches are equipped with 56p quartz movement to ensure accurate travel time and crown free design, making the wristwatch more suitable for matching and showing the perfect appearance curve.

Replica Roger Dubuis watches how much is it
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