Replica Audemars Piguet watches price

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Replica Audemars Piguet watches price

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In 2016, the worlds large pilot wristwatch continued to write a legend. The classic design and visual impact of the large-scale watch case brought the worlds pilot watchs heroic appearance. The numbers are slightly bold, the five minute scale is more slender, the triangle logo and propeller pointer are used to re interpret the style of large pilots. Large pilot wristwatches were designed in the 1940s as a navigation aid for pilots. The decoration on the bottom of the watch is legendary airplane Junker Ju 52, which reminds people of the flying legend of flying like an eagle at that time. Another feature of Wanguo is the built-in 51111 automatic upper chain 7-day dynamic storage movement, and the watch is equipped with a soft iron magnetic proof inner shell. In terms of performance, this wristwatch of large pilot series is amazing.

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Equipped with Baoji 254q movement to ensure the normal operation of various functions of the watch. The back cover is a dense base technology, which can well protect the wrist watch in the wrist safety and reliability.

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Classic, simple silver white dial, two wristwatches at the same time use diamond inlay as the time mark, witness eternal love. The intermediate gold element perfectly combines refined steel and 18K gold, which combines the hard and low-key of refined steel and the luxurious noble temperament of gold. The date display window of mens and womens tables is located at the 3 time mark, which is relatively synchronous. The gold element and the diamond time mark are the popular watches of Longines this year. Its good to wear them alone or as couples watches. Dont miss them.

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