Replica Longines watches video

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Replica Longines watches video

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In order to celebrate the centenary of the brand, this years new watch has specially developed the function of double windows and large calendar, which may be the only large calendar mechanical watch within ten thousand yuan. The structure of the large calendar is complex, which requires not only the precise control and display of two digital disks, but also the high standard manufacturing accuracy, so that the calendar mechanism can still accurately display the date after long-term operation.

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[market situation] after a strong wind, the temperature in Beijing has dropped a lot, and pedestrians on the road have changed into heavy winter clothes. The weather has gradually become "frozen hands and feet". Watch friends should pay attention to keeping warm. Recently, we visited the Beijing Wangfujing Yintai in88 Breitling store. According to the shop assistant, some new models of this year have been out of stock, especially the super ocean second generation wristwatch, which is hard to order. Im afraid it will be a while before I buy a watch friend. However, there is also the 12-hour new model of the atmospheric Avenger hurricane series on sale, which is also a relatively popular style. Watch friends who like the big watch diameter and the pilots watch style should not miss it. (wristwatch model: xb0170e4 / bf29 / 257s / x20d. 4)

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This 42mm watch is made of refined steel and Sedna? 18K gold (patented technology of omega). The ring is made of blue ceramic. The diving scale is made of ceragold? Technology?.

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