Replica A. Lange & Sohne watches how much is it

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Replica A. Lange & Sohne watches how much is it

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[market situation] on November 15, the moon was big and round. Beijing is windy these two days, so there is no haze, and the moon is big and round in front of us. So, even in the winter of freezing hands and feet, we have to take our little friends out for a walk. Maybe we will encounter beautiful things? But when you go out, you should keep warm and take care of your cold. Recently, when the author visited Longines counter of Hengli world famous watch center in Beijing blue island mansion, a pair of Baojin watches attracted my attention. They are all classic watches of traditional series of watchmaking, and there is also a watch with full elegance. Dont miss this chance for your favorite watch friends.

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On a silver white disk, the time, date and phase of the moon are displayed in a simple and elegant way. The center of the disk is decorated with the filetsaut 茅, the peripheral is set with the rail minute scale circle, and the Blue Willow Leaf pointer is crossed on the disk, forming a sharp contrast between the two. At 6 oclock position, there is a moon phase display disk. The outside of the moon phase disk is a date circle composed of 31 date numbers. The pointer decorated with a red crescent shape on the top rotates along the date circle, which is quite interesting. The moon phase disk takes the blue as the background, like the deep night sky, which is dotted with the moon and stars, with a poetic elegance.

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Since the 40th anniversary of the birth of berencelli Series in 2016, Mido has launched berencelli collection ultra-thin wristwatch based on time, paying homage to the classic. This year, Mido has added a new rose gold ultra-thin couple watch. For a long time, in the middle and high-end brands, the ultra-thin ones with high cost performance are relatively rare, and Mido uses 1192 full-automatic mechanical machine Core, make up for the blank in this field.

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